Guide to Quality and Education for Sustainability in Higher Education

Part 4 - Kitbag

Project Materials

This Kitbag includes three sections:

Project Design and Activities:

Project Plan:
Diagram summarizing the phases and key activities during the Project lifecycle.

Core Project Team Profiles:
Biographies of the core team from all five institutions in the Project Consortium.

Project Dialogue Mechanisms:
An overview of the main advisory channels and dialogue groups associated with the Project.

Expert Advisory Board Terms of Reference:
Provides the terms of reference, focus and intentions for the Project’s External Advisory Board.

Expert Advisory Board Membership:
Summary and profiles of members of the Project’s External Advisory Board.

Expert Advisory Board - Strategic Influences:
An overview of Board discussions about the strategic influences in the broader landscape for the Project.

Project Outcomes and Outputs

Institutional Pilot Outcomes:
An overview of the professional and strategic outcomes across the five pilot institutions.

Institutional Pilot Outputs:
An overview of the materials, publications and tools produced by the five pilot institutions.

Project Communications Resources:

Quality and Education for Sustainability: Dialogue, Strategy and professional Development:
2012 article - contribution to the International Association of Universities Horizons Special Issue (18/2)
‘The Contribution of Higher Education to Sustainable Development’

Public Expectations, Teaching Quality and Sustainability:
Seminar outline – panel discussion held at the Quality Assurance Agency Annual Conference 2012

Leading Curriculum Change for Sustainability:
Workshop – Leadership Foundation for Higher Education ‘Future Proofing Higher Education’ Conference 2011

The Sustainability Challenge: Wisdom and Learning for the Future of HE Curricula:
Article Proposal - Society for Research into Higher Education Conference 2010

Universities and Social Commitment Observatory:
Good Practice Outline - Global Universities Network for Innovation 2010