Guide to Quality and Education for Sustainability in Higher Education

Part 4 - Kitbag

Tools for Institutions

Project Consortium: Pilot Institutions - Quality Systems Maps

Aston University

University of Brighton

University of Exeter

University of Gloucestershire

Oxford Brookes University

UK HE Institutions: Samples - Guidance Frameworks for EfS

Oxford Brookes University – Global Citizenship Quick Guide

University of Gloucestershire – EfS Managers Guide

University of Gloucestershire – EfS Educators Guide

University of Exeter – Quick Guide to EfS

University of Brighton – ESD Guidance for Schools

University of Bristol – ESD Curriculum Mapping Tool

Queen Margaret University – ESD Framework for Programme Teams

Plymouth University – 7 Steps to ESD

University of Bradford – Guidance for Programme Validation and Review

Higher Education Academy - The Future Fit Framework